Hydro Excavation & Vacuum Truck Rentals & More

As a contractor or manager of city utilities, you don’t have time to waste on vacuum trucks or other equipment that may be on the fritz. Life still happens, and you have to be ready 24/7. Eco Infrastructure Solutions is here to help pick up the slack with our equipment rental services in Indiana when your unforeseen breakdown occurs. Contact us at (317) 769-5290 for quick response and a quote.

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Indiana Eco-Friendly Sewer Cleaning

Full Service Solutions

Bring your equipment to EIS when it breaks down. Our unique company is both a service provider and dealer. As a dealer, we provide the best equipment in the business for sales and rentals, and we believe in being as helpful as we can to our clients. Don’t waste time while you’re waiting on the repair; pick up a rental at the same time and get back to work.


Equipment Repairs

The equipment on trucks used to maintain infrastructure can break down and cause problems. We frequently repair:

  • CCTV equipment for repairing pipelines
  • Sewer cleaning equipment
  • Ring-O-Matic equipment

Infrastructure Service Equipment Rentals

We also work with clients who want to do the service themselves but would prefer not to buy the new products or equipment they need. Instead, they want to rent the equipment for the short amount of time they need it. If you fall into that category, contact us for a quote on the use of our equipment. We’re happy to assist in any way possible. We frequently rent the following items:

  • Combo Vac Trucks
  • Hydro Excavation Trucks
  • Trailer Mounted Vac Units
  • Sewer and Storm Drain Cameras

In addition to sales and rentals, we have a complete service side of the business in Indiana. You can count on us for help with all your infrastructure needs:

For more information about what we do, check out our about and FAQ pages or contact us at (317) 769-5290. EIS is located near Indianapolis but provides services to all of Indiana. We also offer product and equipment sales and rentals throughout Indiana and Illinois.