Sewer Cleaning & Televising

It’s not unusual for city infrastructure to develop clogged pipes, leading to sewer backups and other problems. When that happens, call Eco Infrastructure Solutions. We’ll clean out the sewer and the mess, so your customers can get back in service. Located near Indianapolis, we serve all of Indiana. Simply contact us at (317) 769-5290 to set up an appointment.

Indiana Sewer Cleaning

Pipeline Cleaning

At EIS (formerly Accurate Bore Co.), we’ll cover all your pipe cleaning needs that can lead to headache-sized messes for your clients. Our vac trucks carry a wide variety of cleaning nozzles. We’re sure to have the equipment for the job. Whether you need PVC, RCP, clay, plastic, or metal pipes cleaned, we can do it with no concerns about damaged or broken pipes.


We’re passionate about offering personalized attention

Is grease clogging up the pipe, or are tree roots the culprit? No problem. We can handle these tricky problems with our state-of-the-art CCTV (televising) equipment.

Lateral Launching Technology

If you’ve discovered that the problem lies in the lateral pipe from the homeowner’s house to the city sewer system, you’ve come to the right place. Our specialized camera, basically a small camera attached to our larger camera, is tiny enough to go up the lateral pipe to verify or rule out a problem in the lateral piping. This removes the guesswork, because we’ll actually have confirmation of the issue through our camera system.

Cross Bore Mitigation

Cross bore mitigation has become an important first step in preventing disasters such as natural gas pipeline explosions. Not only can cross bores be deadly, they can be incredibly expensive. A cross bore is an intersection between an existing underground utility or underground structure, and a second utility that results in direct contact between the utilities. It can compromise the integrity of one or both of the utilities, and potentially the entire underground structure. A cross bore can involve any type of utility, not just natural gas, although it’s the most dangerous because the sewer system provides a pathway for the gas to rapidly spread if the gas line is ruptured.

Other Services We Offer

EIS is also one of the few companies that is in the business of service, sales, and rentals of new products and used equipment. We’ve found that this lets us completely serve the industry and makes us a one-stop shop for all your infrastructure needs.

Whether you need to schedule a maintenance appointment for pipe cleaning, or you have an issue that needs immediate attention, contact us at (317) 769-5290. We work throughout Indiana, and we’re ready to put our combined 50 years of experience to work for you.