July 2019

Eco Infrastructure Solutions will be at the 2019 Operator Boot Camp at the Miami County Fairgrounds in Peru on August 14, 2019. Join us for this full day of demonstrations and exhibits!

June 2019

Summer has officially kicked off for ECO and the summer expo shows. Once again ECO set up a booth at the  Alliance of Indian Rural Water expo in Huntingburg  and Akron, Indiana. Both are held in the city parks that make for a great atmosphere for live demos and hands on training. Last year more than 400 utilities professionals were in attendance for the events. One of the great traditions of these expos is the hog roast the day of the event and the board member dinner the night before the expo. It was an honor when ECO was asked if we would cook the board member meal the night before the expo. It turned out great thanks to our sales team!




December 2018

We can’t believe it’s December already! As we reflect back on this year, Eco has picked up several new customers. The pipe patch crew has stayed fairly steady also. On the product sales side of Eco, sales have steadily increased throughout the year. We now have several orders on TV trucks and a few deals being worked out on vac trucks. We continue to attend various equipment expos and cover more area in Indiana and Illinois than we ever have. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!




November 2018

A  2015 tandem axle Mud Dog Hydro Excavation truck is Eco’s newest addition. Eco purchased this truck from a contractor out of North Carolina. A contractor here in Indiana is going to rent it for 1-3 months and take it back to the Carolinas and Florida to work with a large electrical contractor down there. Eco plans to continue growing its rental fleet of Hydro Excavators, combo sewer trucks and tow-behind vac trailers.

October 2018

Eco has continued to stay busy this month. The sales team has been especially busy demoing units. Eco now has a new style Camel Maxx unit that we will use for a demo truck as our fleet continues to grow. We are looking forward to another productive month!


September 2018

Eco’s product sales has taken off here in the last few months. The sales staff has been out demoing vac and televising trucks all over Indiana and Illinois. They have also been attending trade shows across the state, with several more coming up between now and the end of the year. “Thank you” to the sales staff for all their hard work and commitment!


August 2018

Eco Infrastructure Solutions’ sales team continues to grow, and  we welcomed two new employees to the team this month. Welcome to the team! In addition, Eco continues to stay busy with vacuuming and televising for both contractors and municipalities.


July 2018

Eco has acquired another jet/vac combo recycle unit. This expands our fleet to three combo units; all three are water recycling units. This recycle unit allows our operators to clean for longer periods without breaking the truck down to go fill up at a hydrant.  They reuse the water that is vacuumed up into the tank from the sewer.





June 2018

Eco Infrastructure Solutions would like to thank the City of Lebanon’s Storm Water Department for  the purchase of a VL 350 Ring-O-Matic vac trailer. Eco delivered this unit on May 24th. In addition, Eco will also be performing some storm sewer cleaning and camera work for the storm water department later this year.




May 2018

May is upon us already, and you know what that means: May flowers, vegetable gardens and the Indy 500 race. As we enter this season, Eco is going to stay especially busy! Eco has a fairly good back log of work, especially on the pipe lining point repair pipe patch division. Currently, we have approximately 40 liners to install in different sizes ranging from 4″ to 30″. And they are scattered all over the area; we have liners in Westfield, Greencastle, Brownsburg and Purdue University. Hopefully the weather will decide to cooperate!