April 2017

Eco Infrastructure Solutions is starting spring off with an abundant amount of work. We just need the weather to cooperate! Eco’s fleet is continuing to grow. The newest addition is a 2017 box truck. It is currently at RST, getting retrofitted with some of the best equipment. Eco will be capable of measuring cracks in pipe as well as lateral launching. We hope to put it into service in late  May. In addition, Eco has also purchased a TV van. The sales team is working diligently, getting communities near and far to become aware of the great equipment we use.

December 2016

The rains have finally caught up with Eco Infrastructure Solutions! Despite the challenging weather, Eco manages to keep busy. There are still several small jobs to finish up, manhole inspections to complete for an engineering company and several manholes that need rehabbed for a municipality. In addition, Eco also has a few subdivisions that need cleaned and televised.




November 2016

Looks like Eco Infrastructure Solutions is going to have another productive fall. Developers are trying to get their asphalt down and dry utilities in.  The Floyds Knob MH project has been completed with great success. Eco’s employees hand dug over 60 manholes in the yards of various homes and had zero complaints from home owners. Everyone worked diligently on the job, and the customer is happy with the outcome.

Eco is in the middle of performing several small projects in Muncie, IN for Bowen Engineering, and we are bidding a project in Fort Wayne,IN for Aqua Indiana. This project will be 5 to 10 miles a year for the next three years of sewer cleaning and televising.



October 2016

Eco Infrastructure Solutions has been growing its team this month and would like to welcome new members. We look forward to a successful future!

September 2016

Eco Infrastructure Solutions is happy to announce that sales have gone global.  Kazakhstan, a state in Russia, has purchased RST sewer camera equipment from us. Several contractors and city officials came over a couple of months ago to check out and compared the Super Products vac truck line and the RST sewer inspection equipment to the European equipment. They liked the quality and price so well that they purchased camera equipment from Eco and two vac trucks from Super Products. There is a possibility of them buying one to two more units by the end of the year. As a result, RST has agreed to make Eco the dealer for Russia and its states.




August 2016

It has been a busy month for Eco Infrastructure, and we have a great work load ahead. One of the major undertakings this month has been a job in Floyds Knob. This job consists of uncovering 50 manholes by hand. We also have 50 plus manholes to repair. All of these are located in the rear easements so Eco Infrastructure has a special truck to reach them. In addition to keeping busy with the manhole repairs, product sales are increasing. Eco Infrastructure has 2 TV trucks sold with one heading up north and the other truck going to CEG/United Water.


July 2016

Eco Infrastructure now has its new televising truck in service. The truck is equipped with a push camera, storm camera and lateral launch capabilities. The new truck, along with a vac truck, has been in Cloverdale, IN, doing root cutting for the town. Our second vac truck has been sent to Super Products to have a recycle system installed. This will help us reduce the amount of fresh water used. It will also cut down on the time spent traveling to and from the hydrants to get water. Eco has also been busy doing pipe patches to repair cracks in storm and sanitary pipe. Eco has a  busy summer, and we are expecting more work to carry into the fall!


June 2016

Eco Infrastructure is happy to announce that we have recently hired three new employees. All of these employees are experienced and bring several talents and skill with them to the company. We are looking forward to growing our team to keep up with the growth we are experiencing at Eco Infrastructure!


May 2016

Looks like winter is behind us, and Eco is off and running here in the spring.  Actually, Eco has not stopped running. We are still in Lafayette on a long term sewer cleaning job. We have been in and out of Cloverdale, Indiana, cleaning and televising. We are currently finishing the 2015 subdivision work around Indy, mostly in the Westfield area. Eco has had a great start to the spring season!



April 2016

It is definitely spring at Eco Infrastructure Solutions.

We have a large sewer cleaning job in Lafayette, IN that has already started.  The job consists of about 200,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer main. We have also picked up work in Lebanon, IN for our vac trucks while steadily working with our pipe patch truck. Some of this work comes from the televising side when we move through a job and find infiltration problems.

We are looking forward to our new water recycler that is being placed on one of our vac trucks. This will allow the water that we vac to then be filtered and re-used through the vac system. This will save significant time and water use on the job site.