Pipeline Cleaning

Eco Infrastructure covers all your pipe cleaning needs. Our vac trucks carry a wide variety of cleaning nozzles. Whether you need PVC, RCP, clay, plastic, or metal pipes cleaned, we have you covered. Root and grease removal are also available.

Pipeline Televising

We have the best equipment and latest technology to pinpoint any pipeline failure, saving repair costs and time. Eco utilizes state of the art lateral inspection equipment to find your sources of infiltration without disrupting service or disturbing residents.


An underground utility strike can be catastrophic, affecting hundreds of people and costing thousands of dollars. Hydro-excavating uses pressurized water to break up and remove the soil via air conveyance (vacuum) into a debris tank, providing a non-destructive means to safely locate utilities and precisely excavate an area.

Pipe Patch

Pipe Patching

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Eco’s pipe patch solution is for Drain, Waste and Vent applications. CIPP (Cured-In-Place-Pipe) is a process where a liner is inserted into a pipe impregnated with a thermosetting resin, which is expanded and cured to form a tight-fitting liner within the host pipe, a pipe within a pipe. The CIPP process incorporates the existing pipeline into the finished product to produce improved performance of the original pipeline. Although cure times vary due to host pipe material and temperatures, PipePatch is typically cured in one to three hours. This solution offers a costs savings in material and man-hours since the repairs are done on the areas that require it versus lining the entire pipeline. The pipe patch solution is for drain, waste and vent applications. This product cannot be used for drinking water applications at this time.

Lift Station Maintenance

Lift Station Maintenance

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Our vac trucks can remove the sludge and grease commonly found in lift stations and help you efficiently maintain operation of your plant. At Eco Infrastructure we offer maintenance service contracts which provide routine scheduled maintenance of your lift station. Call us anytime for service

BMP Maintenance

Eco Infrastructure provides service for Operation& Maintain (O & M) manual maintenance and storm structure maintenance, such as storm ceptor, aqua swirls, and sump structures. We provide inspection and reports to keep you in compliance with all O & M manual needs.

Certified Pipe Patch Installer

Specialized pipeline inspection camera helps Indiana contractor focus on enhanced productivity.  The Gen2 mainline and lateral-launch video-inspection camera owned by Eco Infrastructure Solutions Inc. in Lebanon, Ind., is dwarfed by the much larger vacuum trucks that produce the bulk of the company’s profits. But its impact on the company is huge nonetheless.

EcoInfrastructure Featured in Cleaner Article, “Specialized pipeline inspection camera helps Indiana contractor focus on enhanced productivity