April 2018

This past winter had its ups and downs with the weather and ground conditions. Eco managed to maintain a good work load despite the conditions. A big “thank you” to all of our dedicated workers!

Winter also brought several trade shows, including the WWETT show, that kept our sales team busy in both Indiana and Illinois. In addition to the trade shows, the sales team has been busy showing equipment demos and generating quotes for existing and potential customers.

Eco recently sold one of its vac trucks to a company located in California. So now Eco is ordering two new trucks, hoping to have one of them by June!


November 2017

Municipalities and some contractors, historically, do most of their equipment buying in the first or last quarter of the year.  This year seems to be following that trend as our sales team has been busy doing equipment demos. So far this quarter, Covington has ordered camera equipment, Rensselaer is upgrading their existing camera system, and Haynes International has placed an order for a head set system. Eco Infrastructure Solutions is also in the negotiation process with a contractor on a Camel Recycle combo vac/jet truck.


October 2017

Eco Infrastructure Solutions recently sold a Camel Combo Vac Truck. This truck was Eco’s first camel truck we purchased. For the first year it was Eco’s Demo truck and then added to the service side and used as a rental. Now it is heading to Utah. Eco would like to thank Kotter  for their business!

September 2017

It seems that the product sales side of Eco Infrastructure Solutions is picking up some as contractors and municipalities are asking for demos on equipment. The sales team has been running around the state demoing our product line. Eco also has a Super Products Camel Recycle demo truck and an RST Pipeline Inspection Truck that is scheduled for several demos. In addition, the sales team has been pulling around the Ring-O-Matic vac trailers and Sonetics hand-free communication equipment doing demos for several contractors and municipalities.

Eco would like to thank Clear Creek Conservancy for purchasing a Private Eye Camera system and Purdue University for upgrading their TV truck software. Thank you for your business.


August 2017

The workload for Eco Infrastructure Solutions this year has been very steady. With summer zooming by and fall fast approaching, Eco is likely going to get hit hard with all the subdivision work finishing up from a rainy spring. In order to help with the heavy workload, Eco has added more people to the team!



July 2017

Past spring rains have put Eco Infrastructure Solutions behind on the subdivision work, just as they have the site contractors. On the other hand, it has created work in other areas; we have seen a rise in municipalities. Eco has been performing work for Montgomery County, Hendricks County, Town of Danville, H&H Construction and a host of other entities that have experienced flooding due to the torrential downpours. Despite the rain, it does appear that Eco is going to have another good season.


June 2017

Eco Infrastructure Solutions is happy to announce that our two new Ring-o-Matic vac trailers have arrived. We received a 850 HYDEX with a six way boom that we plan on using as a demo unit and a 550 HYDEX that we plan on renting out. Eco continues to stay busy and looks forward to the future workload!


May 2017

This past winter had its ups and downs with the weather and ground conditions, but Eco Infrastructure Solutions maintained a good workload and kept a positive cash flow all winter. That was mostly due to the dedication of the guys,  working in the rain and wading through the mud to make it happen. We are looking forward to another great season!



April 2017

Eco Infrastructure Solutions is starting spring off with an abundant amount of work. We just need the weather to cooperate! Eco’s fleet is continuing to grow. The newest addition is a 2017 box truck. It is currently at RST, getting retrofitted with some of the best equipment. Eco will be capable of measuring cracks in pipe as well as lateral launching. We hope to put it into service in late  May. In addition, Eco has also purchased a TV van. The sales team is working diligently, getting communities near and far to become aware of the great equipment we use.

December 2016

The rains have finally caught up with Eco Infrastructure Solutions! Despite the challenging weather, Eco manages to keep busy. There are still several small jobs to finish up, manhole inspections to complete for an engineering company and several manholes that need rehabbed for a municipality. In addition, Eco also has a few subdivisions that need cleaned and televised.